The Globe’s Dogs and Stars for the week


That scruffy man in the Trivago advertising? He is likely not dancing now. Shares of this hotel-booking site took an express elevator to the ground floor following the German-based firm cut its estimate for 2017 earnings growth to 40 percent from previous guidance of 50 percent, citing milder ad spending by hotels and other travel businesses. With competition from rival sites heating up and Airbnb also cutting into hotel bookings, Trivago investors are placing their holiday plans onnbsp;maintain.

, $10.96 (U.S.), down $4.55 or 29.3percent over week


What to do if you think your Equifax credit file was hacked: 1) Cut up all your credit and debit cards and quit using bank machines; 2) Trade only with beads and pieces of metal or, in the event of large purchases, livestock; 2) Contact each shop you have ever shopped at and tell them if someone with your name attempts to buy something, “stall them till I come down there.” Heck, nobody else seems to have the ability to stop the hackers, so it is worth a try.

, $123.23 (U.S.) down $18.36 or 13 percent overnbsp;week


Money-saving suggestion: Instead of purchasing the bride and groom one place-setting in their wedding registry, get them a whole set of dishes, bowls and cutlery from Dollarama for a fraction of the purchase price. Money-making suggestion: buy Dollarama’s inventory. Shares of the discount retailer jumped after it posted a 6.1-per-cent jump in same-store earnings for the second quarter, boosted by higher-priced items along with the chain’s acceptance of credit cards. On second thought, get them a few Dollarama stocks instead.

, $139.50, $17.14 or 14 percent overnbsp;week


It was a miserable week at the Magic Kingdom. First, chief executive Bob Iger cautioned that Disney’s earnings will be flat this year as its ESPN cable sports network continues to bleed readers. Now, Hurricane Irma is bearing down on Florida, possibly forcing Disney World to shut and costing the company millions of dollars. With Disney’s shares skidding on all of the bad news, investors are feeling Goofy for not becoming outnbsp;earlier.

, $97.07 (U.S.) down $4.43 or 4.4percent overnbsp;week


Get in the car, kids! We are going to Buffalo to purchase a whole lot of crap we do not need at the exact shops we have in Canada! Buoyed by the Bank of Canada’s interest-rate increase this week on the heels of an increase in July — the Canadian dollar jumped to its highest level in over two years from the U.S. greenback. And it might move higher still, money experts say. If you’re stuck in the border more than usual this weekend, you’re knownbsp;why.

, 82.43 pennies (U.S.), up 1.72cents or 2.1percent overnbsp;week

Courtesy: The Globe And Mail